Future Technology DisplayBusiness Solution Development

Our business Solution Developers act as strategic advisors to the client and assist in the application, custom development, and management of technology to help enhance your business’ performance. We will also develop and implement go-live support environments, construct transition plans from the project team to the support team, and help maintain clients’ applications and technology infrastructure throughout the entire process.

As businesses rely more and more on technology, technology has in fact become a company's backbone or support structure.   With that said, clients often have very unique software needs that are specific to their organization.  "Off the shelf" software programs are good to start with, but there will come a time when your business will grow past the functionality of broad based software built with lots of functionality…all of which either doesn't pertain to your company, or just doesn't give you the flexibility that you need to go to the next level.  For those reasons, Business Solution Developers are often called in to solve these problems and keep the business from losing its upward mobility.
Over time, companies out grow their generic software and look for custom products to met their goal or goals.  This can range from custom software to entire paperless infrastructures and anything in between.  These developers work closely with Software Architects to determine what the client's needs are and how those needs can be met.  They must then find computer developers with the skill sets needed in order to develop the needed products and must determine the costs associated with the project and then give the customer a quote. With the customer’s approval, they commence with the software development and give the client continual updates so that the client can give feedback as to the progress made by the developers.


2 Software Architecture and DevelopmentSoftware Architecture and Development

Global Solution Development has put in place confident and qualified Software Architects, Applications Software Developers, and Database Administrators who will ensure that new systems are built in a way that best ensures that functional requirements are met whilst also ensuring that service qualities (performance, scalability, extensibility etc) for now and for the future are achievable. They will also review and explore avenues to improve on existing systems in place, making use of new technologies and methodologies to seek continual improvement for existing systems. These qualities will provide the highest level guidance and direction on projects making sure that all existing and future projects fit in with an overall strategic vision.

Our Database Administrators, are responsible for database creation and maintenance. They work to secure a company's data from loss or unauthorized access, including making backups that can be used to restore lost data.  Other tasks may include merging and modifying existing databases and upgrading database software.  The team of Applications Software Developers, create the databases that would be used with a program, such as a desktop application or Web application. They also determine software requirements, work with the programmers who code the software, and making program documentation while doing maintenance and testing.


3 Data Architecture and administrationData Architecture and Administration

Crafting the right architecture to solve the problem at hand requires not only a unique skillset but also requires forward thinking individuals to design innovative solutions to real market problems.  Here at Global Solution Development, we have just the visionaries need to implement your business requirements from conceptualization to database optimization to deployment.  Furthermore, our Data Architects focus on the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the computer programs that store and organize information to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Architects specialize in but are not limited to:

  • Designing user interaction models, workflows and user interfaces
  • Integrating internal and external product design into a cohesive user experience
  •  Creating prototypes and authoring detailed interaction specifications
  • Working with user experience researchers to design and observe usability studies
  • Translating usability and field research findings into design improvements
  • Working with visual designers to improve and refine product visual design and consistency
  • Successfully communicating conceptual ideas and design rationale


4 network and system administration -2Network and System Administration

The primary goals of our Network and System Admins is to ensure the uptime, performance, resources, and security of all computer equipment in order to meet the needs of our users without exceeding the budget.  We are confident our Network Aministrators are capable of monitoring, troubleshooting, maintaining and supporting our clients entire network and disaster recovery and backup operations.  

To meet the company's needs, our system administrators may acquire, install, or upgrade computer components and software, provide routine automation, maintain security policies, troubleshoot; train and/or supervise staff both internal or 3rd party, or offer technical expertise for projects.

Our fields of Expertise:

  • Install, configure, and support an organization's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet system or a segment of a network system.
  • Maintaining network hardware and software.
  • Monitoring the network to ensure network availability to all system users and perform necessary maintenance to support network availability.
  • Supervising other network support and client server specialists and plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures.


5 help-desk-Help desk and Technical Support

Help desk and Technical Support Specialist are the first line of defense for troubleshooting technical issues for a company.  For this reason alone, it is very important to put in place qualified individuals who can not only have the technocal "know how" to quickly diagnsis complex problems quickly and resolve them but are also able to communicate effectively the solution on the user's level.  Global Solution Development has taken the necesary steps to put in place a support team that will utilise their excellent customer service and technical skills to exceed our clients expectations.  We believe in getting it done right the first time.  Our goal is to maintain maximum uptime for our clients.

Duties assigned to Help desk Staff include:

  • Provide first level contact and convey resolutions to customer issues
  • Properly escalate unresolved queries to the next level of support
  •  Track, route and redirect problems to correct resources
  • Update customer data and produce activity reports
  • Walk customers through problem solving process
  • Follow up with customers, provide feedback and see problems through to resolution
  • Utilise excellent customer service skills and exceed customers’ expectations
  • Ensure proper recording, documentation and closure
  • Recommended procedure modifications or improvements
  • Preserve and grow your knowledge of help desk procedures, products and services